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PP Cost Consultants is the amalgamation of two practices, one department that is specialized in the drafting of Bill of Costs and attend to taxed the bill of costs and the other opposing with the intention of first settling.  The synergy of these two practices created a successful firm, which grew to provide expert services in the Legal Cost sector.

As a dynamic firm, PP Cost Consultants earned a reputation for its independence, competence and integrity as a leading consultancy firm in the Gauteng Area with more than 10 years of experiences.


Our team is specialists in the field, combining many years of experience with a practical and modern approach in working with Attorney firms.  We are committed in providing the highest quality and full range of legal cost services required by all Law Firms.



Most of the Attorneys using our services to draft Attorney and own Client Bill of Costs have seen a huge difference in their Fees debited monthly.  Most Attorneys didn’t debit the correct Fees for all the work that was been done and end up losing a huge amount of money on their files. Don’t let this happen to you, let our firm draft a bill of cost and have a peace of mind knowing that it is in accordance with the tariff as set out by the Courts and is taxable in Court at any given moment.

We also assist Attorneys with requesting the necessary payments from the Road Accident Fund. With this assistance have most Attorneys seen an increase on their monthly turn over and were they able to give a more sufficient progress report to their clients.




But we haven’t forgotten the importance of providing a professional service that meets the needs of each individual client, which is why you will find us professional, friendly, approachable and affordable.


PP Legal Cost Consultants

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